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ECW 9: No Remorse- April 27th, 2002 - Arizona
Main Event - ECW Heavyweight Title
HWSylvester Collins 9-0 vsSam Hoynes 7-0
Sam Hoynes sets the tone early, scoring 2 takedowns on the bigger stronger Collins in the first round and showing superior grappling skills through out as Collins continued to try and unleash his feared ground and pound in every round, but could not impose his will on the gifted wrestler.Hoynes was 6 of 8 on takedown attempts and managed to pull off two slams of the champion, despite being outweighed by nearly 20 pounds.Collins did not land one significant blow standing and what ground shots he landed where from the bottom as we have a title change!
Sam Hoynes beats Sylvester Collins by unanimous decision 50-45, 49-46, 48-47 (Average) wins Title
WWGus Fitzpatrick 8-0 beats Evan Pizzarro 8-0 by split decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 (Decent)
A mild upset as Fitzpatrick's superior standup is the difference in a battle of teammates, Pizzarro 0 for 1 in sub attempts
LHJoshua Hope 8-0 beats Gavin Marshall 6-0 by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 (Decent)
Both men spent way too much time inactive in clinches, but the busier Hope (91 strikes to 21) carried the action
MWReed Howlett 7-0 beats Joey Valdez 8-1 by TKO (strikes) in 2:02 of rd 3 (Great)
Howlett looks to have secured a title shot, dropping Valdez 3 times, the final with right hook and pounding him out
LHDwayne Alleyne 8-1 beats Brayden Behrami 6-0 by unanimous decision 30-26, 30-27, 30-26 (Good)
Alleyne dominates in every facet and has a huge 2nd round, landing 42 ground strikes and nearly sinking a guillotine
Garth Neil beats Harold Carrie, Randall Donnelly beats Brady Crawford
Att: 800Gate: $56,320Rating: Critical 55, Commercial 43, Popularity +2.0
Fight of the night - Howlett/Valdez, KO of the night - Howlett, Submission of the night - N/A
Wrap up
Our Television debut, but our most hyped fighters on the card, Collins and Pizzarro, both lose decisions in what can be considered upsets, though Collins had some serious holes exposed in his game against the elite wrestler Hoynes.With the new champion, the Heavyweight division is now thrown into a state of chaos, with Sly Twinge having the chance to emerge as the next challenger if he can get be Damien Jones in his next fight.Still, our first TV show is an overwhelming success financially as we take in $143,400 in advertising revenue and net a profit of $132,433 for the show, despite a decrease in live attendance.Our popularity gain is the highest in several months and is a nice boost
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