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Sylvester Collins is up for renewal and despite two sub-par outings, I offer him a 6 fight extension at $6,000 per fight.

We also have 2 shows left with National Pride TV and coming off our biggest revenue earner with them, I put in a request for an extension.

Popularity wise we now sit at 43.9% in America and 5% in Canada, the next place we travel will be Mexico to get a footprint there as well.

Finances and card for ECW 14, Brody Howles is taking a risk, but a win here will definitely secure a title shot and the busiest champion in MMA is back at it!

Business Ledger- September 1st, 2002
Financial SummaryExpenses
Balance: $637,027Tax: $1,880
Monthly profit/loss: $32,174Fighters: $62,270
IncomeContracts: $2,600
Gate: $2,978Drug Tests: $19,200
Sponsorship: $7,438Production: $17,614
PPV: $0Marketing: $80,367
Ads \ Subscriptions: $208,200Admin: $1,204
Merchandise: $3,609TV: $0
Coporate: $0Coporate: $0
Misc: $840Misc: $756
ECW 14: BedlamSaturday, September 28, 2002
Main Event
Isaiah 'Thump' Monroe 12-0 vs 'The Arizona Strangler' Hunter Scribbins 8-0
Brody Howles 7-0 vs Dwayne Alleyne 9-1 (LH)Thomas Smith 15-5 vs Tony Legg 7-1 (MW)
Evan Pizzarro 8-1 vs Garth Neill 5-0 (WW)Tyrone Malik 6-1 vs Titus Mostel 7-3 (LH)
Plus 3 exciting preliminary bouts featuring
Morgan Hopwood vs Stan Still, Harold Carrie vs Wyatt Ashur, Ali Pyke vs Chesney Brightman
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