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No real news of note heading into ECW 15, with the exception of Isaiah Monroe rising to #15 in the overall world middleweight rankings, passing such stalwarts as Buddy Garner and JJ Reid. He is still our only fighter ranked in the world top 25.

From around the world, Alpha-1 HW Zsolt Hargitay suffers a skull fracture training and will be out at least 18 months in a scary incident, Fight League Brazil rises to mid-level regional and we start discussing adding our final division (lightweight) at the start of 2003.

ECW 15: Fright Night - October 26th, 2002 - Arizona
Main Event - ECW Heavyweight Title
HWSam Hoynes 8-0 vsSly Twinge 11-0
Hoynes learns early that the strength of Twinge makes him a difficult man to move and despite being technically superior, Hoynes is only able to score a single takedown, despite controlling much of the grappling action.Twinge is surprisingly effective striking, especially in round 2 when he lands 2 huge shots, but Hoynes has a chin of granite and shakes off his best.The final two rounds feature very little action as they take turns turning each other against the cage as the crowd makes it's displeasure apparent, cheering sarcastically for the final bell as they go all five
Sam Hoynes beats Sly Twinge by split decision 47-48, 49-46, 50-45 (Very Poor) Retains ECW HW Title
WWChad Zoff 10-0 beats Zeke Eliot 8-0 by TKO (strikes) in 4:21 of rd 2 (Decent)
After a slow start, Zoff's more extensive skill set proves too much for Eliot as the latter is pounded out from mount
LHAdrian Pascal 7-1 beats Gavin Marshall 6-1 by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 (Average)
Marshall comes in at the low end of the weight and pays for it as Pascal dominates the takedowns to get the win
MWTom Essy 5-1 beats Joey Valdez 8-2 by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 (Decent)
This one is a head scratcher as Valdez drops Essy in the 1st, bloodies him up in the 3rd and somehow gets the loss!
HWRandall Donnelly 14-8 beats Gareth Grundy 10-7 by split decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 (Poor)
Some outstanding wrestling, but clinches and dirty boxing don't thrill the crowd, who also boo the decision
Damien Jones beats Lachlen Bowen, Brady Crawford beats Bronson Berle, Dennis Borgomeo beats David Buentello
Att: 914Gate: $64,346Rating: Critical 53, Commercial 51, Popularity +2.5
Fight of the night - Zoff/Eliot, KO of the night - Jone, Submission of the night - N/A
Wrap up
Twinge is just the type of fighter that makes anyone look bad as he is strong as an ox and this lets him make up for his lack of polish, fortunately he does not win.Zoff calls out Randy Carsley for his next fight, but I am thinking he may be in line for a title shot, with Marshall struggling to keep enough weight on to stay at Light Heavy I will probably drop him to Middleweight, where he will not be giving up 15+ pounds each fight.Despite the less than stellar card, we still manage to have decent ratings and make a profit of $166,170, though I am sure National Pride TV will not be happy with the quality.We will see how the web sub business goes at month end.Tom Essy suffers a minor facial injury, out 3 months
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