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2002 Awards, news and current ECW rankings as we head into ECW 18

Fighter of the Year – Affonso Villar
Company of the Year – Alpha-1
Rookie of the Year – Joe Pelham (Our guy!)
Show of the Year – SIGMA: Kanchelskis vs van den Hoogenband (March) – Second straight with K in the main
Female Fighter of the Year – Hope LeHane
Team of the Year – Halversons
(ECW fighters Hunter Scribbins and Sly Twinge currently train here)
Fight of the Year – Fjodor Kanchelskis beat Edgar van den Hoogenband (Sigma) – 2nd time here too
Worst Fight of the Year – Ken Peters beat Jon Silvers (GAMMA) – Peters second “honor”
Knock out of the Year – Jacco Landeweerd (over Bastian Neske - Sigma)
Submission of the Year – Grzegorz Boniek (over Gyokusho Fujimoto – Alpha-1)
Main Event of the Year – Fjodor Kanchelskis beat Edgar van den Hoogenband (Sigma)
Upset of the Year – Lito Alcala (over Supachai Thamsatchanan – KDM FC)

Dwayne Alleyne signs a 5 fight extension at $1,900 per fight and add 6 more lightweights to the roster, giving me 24 in the division currently. Two new signings are HW Tyler Gumble, a well respected kick boxer who has turned to MMA and signs for 5 fights at $1,450 per, along with LHW Karl Martin who I get for $500 per fight, so he gets a 7 fight deal.

Gamma is now after 5-0 LHW prospect Dean Capers, who is making just over $800 with us, so I offer a raise to $2,500 per fight, they counter, I go to $3,500 and he elects to stay with us. Next they target MW Ed Burridge, I make a single counter offer of $6,500 per fight, really more than he is worth, they counter and I let him go.

We have a main event for our February show as Sam Hoynes will defend the heavyweight strap against Randall Donnelly. Though Donnelly is only 15-8 overall, he is 3-0 with ECW and is the most worthy challenger available.

Gamma now offers our Welterweight champion Mattherson, who is woefully underpaid, so I counter with an offer of $5,000 per fight. A bidding war ensues and it eventually costs me $8,000 per fight to keep him. I also add MW and Gamma vet Dexter Darling to the MW roster to replace Burridge. The D-Man is past his prime at 35 and 18-6-1, but he brings name recognition to the company.

HW RankingsLHW RankingsMW RankingsWW RankingsLW Rankings
CSam Hoynes 9-0Joshua Hope 11-0Isaiah Monroe 13-0Felix Matterson Jr 11-1Vacant
1Leon Banks 33-15Rupert Dreck 11-1Carl Ratcliffe 23-7Gus Fitzpatrick 10-0Darren Southall 9-2
2wilson Franklyn 13-2Jerry Bogdonovich 13-1Thomas Smith 16-5Chad Zoff 11-0Aaron McBroom 15-5
3Fatuma Roy 23-12Dwayne Alleyne 11-1Ashley Ballard 13-3 (Injured)Callum Henson 23-11Frankie Geddon 14-0
4Sylvester Collins 10-1Cal Hillson 7-1Wes Hersch 9-1Agustin Gonzalez 16-6Lazaro Campos 12-0
5Sly Twinge 11-1Adrian Pascal 8-1Julio Gutierrez 12-0Brock Youdale 9-2Jose Gonzales 13-0
6Nate MacReary 8-0 (Injured)Wink Deschanel 7-2Esteban Vega 9-1Evan Pizzarro 9-1Coltrane Anderson 7-4
7Randall Donnelly 15-8Tyron Malik 7-1Hunter Scribbins 8-1Zeke Eliot 8-1Nicky Shapiro 20-14
8Damien Jones 9-2Brody Howles 7-1Reed Howlett 8-1Randy Carsley 8-2Kyle Sagal 8-3
9Taye Burnett 8-1Brayden Behrami 7-1Billy Russell 8-1Lloyd McAllister 16-7Sammy Newton 8-3
10Gareth Grundy 10-8Justin Brannagh 8-3Bernard Blue 12-4Joe Hinchcliffe 27-15Kade Devine 9-3

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