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Originally Posted by thesloppy View Post
This is still a meh for me. Sure this ranking is 'derived' from a panel of dietitians, academics and doctors, but it's still compiled by usnews and ranked almost entirely in terms of weight-loss and ease-of-use, which has absolutely no bearing on my personal issues. Additionally, couldn't I apply the same simple science and say that America obviously has the most/worst diet & health problems of the civilized nations, to the point of cultural corruption, and as such American doctors and dietitians are actually some of the worst recognized references one could get diet advice from?

That doesn't follow at all. The only way it would be true is if Americans actually followed good dietary habits, and I think we both know that's not remotely true.

The problem isn't the food recommendations, it's the personal and societal factors that have the average American consuming $1200 worth of fast food per year with 20% of meals eaten in the car. Even worse is the "healthy" options at those places. A chicken salad at BK is arguably worse than 3 hamburgers there. Don't get me started on the "healthy" organic and clean garbage of places like Chipotle and Panera.
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