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I'm not insulting you. I'm just telling you that the faux-machismo posts aren't being taken the way you think they are. You aren't living in Caracas. You aren't a Navy Seal entering a firefight. You're a guy from rural South Carolina.

Nothing wrong with that. But the "I run toward danger" and "prepared to battle with my enemies" is stuff people who have never done either say. You're not coming across tough, you're coming across as someone who is terrified while living in one of the safest parts of the country.

Originally Posted by CU Tiger View Post
Couple key points:
- I am all for banning bump stocks. They serve no reasonable purpose.
- The proposed law got so diluted as to make it illegal to purchase replacement standard stocks for shotguns where the wood stock cracked. Both sides need to quit playing politics. A law banning bump stocks should be 1 page not 50.
- I've never said guns are off limits in any capacity. Frankly I think there are reasonable conversations about magazine capacity to be had as well as SOME other restrictions
- I've been trying to come up with a good answer to this question. While I know it wont please everyone this is my proposed (admitedly incomplete) solution:
1) Standardize and simplify gun laws. Im not saying lessen restrictions I am saying make the laws easy to understand to facilitate my #2. (One area I am talking about here - there is no single legal way to carry a gun inside a vehicle in NC and SC. The two border states (which I cross state lines 10+x a day doing my job) have differing laws. There isnt even a buffer zone, so it is technically impossible for me not to violate the law every time I cross the state line. If I stop as soon as I cross the state line I have technically broke the law those 5' or whatever.
2) Once the laws are clear and concise - If you commit a crime using a weapon (armed robbery, assault, etc) you lose your right to gun possession forever. The weapon used in commission of the crime is destroyed. No second strike. If you are found to violate this law and found in possession after losing the right to possession 1st offense 5 years in jail no possibility of parole. Second offense - life. Done.
3) The second piece to #2 is improper possession. I dont claim to have that answer, but we need it figured out. Too often now it is too quick to "Not my car", "not my gun" "didnt know that was there"...somehow that needs to be closed. With a possible caveat for a single exception for legitimate mistakes. (like example in #1 currently) or my son jumps in my truck to go to the garbage dump and goes through a license check and a dog smells a firearm...etc.

Punish the offenders. Make it punitive and preventative.

I agree with all this. I wasn't arguing with you on the points. Just that neither party wants these changes. The right doesn't want to even discuss gun regulations and definitely doesn't want to put effort into reducing crime. The left doesn't want to punish criminals.

It's this weird catch-22.

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