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General Update - Brett

Figured I'd take a minute to provide this update since it is related to swimming.

Brett has been working at the Cumming Aquatic Center since he was 15. He started a just a lifeguard, but then at 16, he got is Water Safety Instructor license and started giving swim lessons. He was very good at giving lessons, and was the most requested instructor the pool has ever had. Recently, he'd gotten frustrated with the pool because they changed several policies which limited his ability to get enough hours, and he was too often scheduled to be just a lifeguard (which he hates doing). So he applied to be a coach with Gold.

Originally, we didn't think he'd be able to take the job because there is an agreement in place between Gold and the pool to prevent the team from taking employees from the facility. In fact, Coach Andy, when he heard that Brett was interested in coaching mentioned that he would have jumped at the opportunity to add Brett if he had been allowed to do so. However, Brett was hired, in fact, the owner of the team paid a fee to the pool to release Brett so he could be a Gold coach. He's currently working with the pre-competition kids, but he's being groomed to take over the entry level competition team and the Sectional and Sectional Advanced (typically middle schoolers) team.
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