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Bear College Update - Carson-Newman University

Bear will go on his first official visit this Friday (9/27) when we head up to Carson-Newman. The school is in Jefferson City, Tennessee, which is about a 4 hour drive. We will once again head up immediately after Bear's dual enrolled class at 9 A.M. Here is a look at Bear's itinerary for the trip:

- Arrive at 1 P.M.
- meet the coaching staff & weekend hosts
- 1:30 lunch
- 2:00 campus tour & meeting with admissions office
- 3:30 watch inter-squad meet
- 7:30 dinner
- socialize with team for the remainder of the evening

- watch morning practice
- breakfast following practice
- wrap up discussion (which I'm invited to attend)

Carson-Newman is part of the Bluegrass Conference in swimming. This is the same conference that Queens University swims in, and originally Queens was probably Bear's first choice for school. They are the 4 time Division 2 National Champions, but they are so fast at this point that they aren't concerned with conference level swimmers (which Bear would be the moment he steps on campus, but he'll need to improve to challenge the national level time cuts).

Bear's academics far exceed what the school is looking for. In fact, that is one of the draw backs, considering Bear is ideally looking for a high academic institution.

As far as swimming, it looks like there are 2 distance freestylers currently on the roster that are faster than Bear, but 1 is a senior, so he'll graduate before Bear would arrive on campus (plus 2 of the 3 remaining distance swimmers on the roster that are behind Bear are also seniors and the other is a junior) . The remaining distance swimmer is currently a sophomore, and his best time beats Bear by about 10 seconds, but remember Bear's best 1650 time was the race where he had to fix his goggles, which probably cost him somewhere between 15 and 30 seconds. They do have a mid-distance Freshman, who is quite good and would be ahead of Bear in the 500. In conference, Bear's time is right on the edge of scoring in the 1650 and the 1000. He's also on the edge of scoring in the 500, but from the order of events it looks like the 500 and the 1000 are swum on the same day, so it's not likely someone would do both. I'm not sure what Bear's 3rd event would be, but it would probably be the 200 fly or the 400 IM, both of which he could potentially score in.

Carson-Newman is part of the Tennessee Baptist Convention, so it will be interesting to see what sort of religious requirements might be in place. We aren't Baptist, and we've seen with Brett's recruiting were the Baptist schools can require some pretty strict adherence to doctrine.

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