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The Twins College Update - Roanoke College

Bailey and Bear will be visiting Roanoke College this weekend. The school has been trying to get both of them up there for a while, and when things fell through with Centre College (due to their visit being Sun-Mon), the twins decided to go on this trip. Roanoke, you may recall from some of the write ups on Brett, is part of the ODAC conference. The wife and I noticed during the ODAC Championships how energetic the coaches were. They were jumping up and down and running all over the place encouraging their swimmers. And the team seemed to have a blast at the meet. Brett even commented, before the twins even decided to make this trip, that the Roanoke coaches looked like they'd be fun to swim for, and that the Roanoke team definitely had the most fun of all the teams.

Both the kids fit in nicely on the team and in conference. We'll see how this shakes out.

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