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I take 8, including all of the ones I need to – Rostov, Yaroslavl which have forts and were developed, their capital of Galich, the copper mines of Viatka, etc

I spend around 350 ADM to core them


Yelets – South of my holdings in the southeast beneath Oka, Tula and Pronsk, this Mishar culture group of people have 7 development, Steppes, livestock, and a church here

Viatka – The last major prize Muscovy had. Copper mines west of Perm the nation, north of us at Kazan, Glazov and Ishkar. 15 dev, Muscovite, woods, and south of our new holding in Ust-Vym

Ust-Vym – Total throw-in. Just captured by Muscovy from Perm about a few months before we took it. Forest, fur, church, 3 dev. East of Novgorod. Uralic people here.

Rostov – The former capital of the nation, 11 dev, grasslands, Muscovite, farm estate, workshop, church all here, grain farmers. Connects our holdings in Yaroslavl to Yuripev

– Former capital. Grassland, livestock, 16 dev, workshop, level 2 castle, Muscovite. Connects Rostov to Kostroma

Kostroma – Cloth is made here in the woods, 9 dev, Muscovite, in the center of the area that connects Yaroslavl, Galich and Vologda

Galich – Former capital of Muscovy. Salt, woods, 13 dev. North of NN, south of Kostroma

Vologda – Iron mines here in this forest that connect our two holdings in Beloozero to Kostroma

These are all of the remaining good places in Muscovy. The next war likely ends them.

There you are!
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