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NFL Quarterbacks - Class of 2020

Okay, seems like time to start this conversation up.

We saw three heralded college quarterbacks get selected with the first six picks of this year's anomalous rookie draft. All three have now gotten game experience, and we at least have a flavor of what they "look like" in an NFL setting. Meanwhile, in typical NFL style, a few other guys have gotten at a cup of coffee and/or a bit of camp hype, and there was some draft buzz about others. Anyway... as interesting a group as I can recall for a good while.

So...let's play the speculation game!

Let's hear...

-How many Superbowl rings will this year's rookie class of QBs eventually earn as starters?

-How will the class sort out, in the final analysis? (rank 'em)

-Who will be the most impactful among those picked after the top three?

-How will the QB Class of '20 be graded, collectively, when it's all said and done?

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