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Restarting a Hobby

From 1999 until about 2003 I used to run a simleague website. Started out running a BPro 98 league and branched out to having a second BBPro 98 league (run by someone else), an OOTP historical fast sim league (run by me) and a NASCAR league (run by me) all on that site. Then added a basketball league (run by me).

Was about to start up a college BB league when things got crazy and eventually had to call it quits.

Have been thinking about it for a while and would like to start up a league again.

Will be messing around with OOTP 12 and getting used to the online tools but plan on starting up a fictional league.

League Setup (full details to follow):

Leagues: 2
Teams per League: 8

Split season
Innaugural Draft (still debating about how to run the draft)

84 game season (financials and HoF numbers adjusted accordingly)

Minors to include: AAA, AA, A

If anyone is interested please feel free to post your interest in this thread.

Sim schedule would be something like:
Monday - 5 days
Tuesday - 5 days
Wednesday - 5 days
Thursday - 5 days
Friday - 5 days

Post Season would be one day at a time and may be daily.

Should turn a season over in 2 about months.

The only thing that could interfere would be travel for work. That will be a bridge to cross when I get there, however.
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