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Small game - Return of Werewolf Xtreme (Game over! Result in Post 401)

To fill the time until EF's game starts, I'll run a 9 player game that is a repeat of one Autumn did some years ago. The big change from most games is there are no roles revealed upon death. The first 9 to sign up will be in and off we'll go, start date of Monday or whenever it fills up.

Good Roles:

Seer - Each night receives a vision of a target player as 'wolf' or 'not wolf.' The seer receives a vision on Night 0 of one randomly chosen player that is 'not wolf.' Thereafter, the seer chooses which player to view.

Priest - Each night receives a vision of a target deceased player. The vision tells the priest that deceased player's exact role. The priest must choose one deceased player to view.

Hunter - If only two players remain in the game and the hunter is one of those players, then the good team wins even if the other player is a werewolf.

3 Villagers - Ordinary villagers with no special powers.

Evil Roles:

2 Werewolves - The werewolves know each other's identity, and may private message/chat without restriction. Each night the wolves choose one target player to kill.

Sorcerer - Each night receives a vision of a target player as 'seer' or 'not seer.' The sorcerer receives a vision on Night 0 of one randomly chosen player that is 'not seer.' Thereafter, the sorcerer chooses which player to view. The sorcerer wins if the wolves win, but counts as a villager for victory purposes. The Sorcerer does not know the wolves and the wolves do not know the Sorcerer.

Victory Conditions:

Good - All good players win if all werewolves are eliminated, or if the last two players remaining are the hunter and one werewolf. The sorcerer does not have to be eliminated in order for Good to win.

Evil - All evil players win if the wolves achieve parity: if at any time the number of wolves remaining equals the number of non-wolves remaining (including the sorcerer), evil wins. However, if one wolf is left with the hunter, then good wins. The sorcerer counts as a 'non-wolf' for these purposes.


10 pm EST - Voting deadline. Any votes marked 10:01 or later will not count.

10:30 pm EST - Dawn deadline. Any night actions must be submitted by 10:30.


Only edit posts within 5 minutes of the original post time and only for formatting / spelling / grammar.

No quoting of private messages.

No discussion of the game outside the thread.

Any player inactive for 36 hours will be replaced.


Every day the village votes for who they wish to lynch. The player who receives the most votes by day's end will be killed.

In order to vote, please post your vote in bold and on a separate line.

You may change your vote at any time before the deadline by posting an unvote and then a new vote, both in bold. Nightfall votes must be unanimous and will still be dependent on my availability. Once you vote with Nightfall, your vote is locked and cannot be changed.

You may not self-vote or vote No Lynch.

Tie votes will be resolved by whichever candidate has the longest held vote on them.


Roles will not be revealed upon lynch or upon night kill. Only the Priest will have knowledge about the allegiance or role of any of the dead.


1. Grover
2. timmae
3. Shoveler
4. The Jackal
5. mysfit
6. cheekimonk
7. britrock - lynched D1
8. Chief Rum - killed N1
9. Autumn
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