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Originally Posted by SirBlurton View Post
Didn't expect to see the Swarm pick it up this much in year 2 - what's been their main source of offensive points? Don't see them on the leaderboard other than Armbruster - and he wasn't much of a WR if I recall?

The Swarm have pretty balanced scoring this season
  • As a team they are scoring 20.8ppg
  • WR Armbruster counts for 8ppg on receiving TDs (10) and return TDs (5).
  • RB Rowan counts for 4.3ppg on rushing TD (1) and receiving TD (7)
  • There are some other guys that have moved in/out of the RB2 spot that have contributed, but the surprise is that K Halliday counts for 7.15ppg with 31 FGs!

Defense and power-passing. Deadly combo.

This is a good reminder that I need to finish that stats screen.
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