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Just finished writing the retirements section. I'm excited to see how it works this season. Last season, it was pretty boring to just take the worst 45 free agents and kick them out of the league.

This should add a little more drama.

The rules for retirements are:
  • Every player has a chance of retiring
  • Anyone that is a meaningful player on a roster, and isn't ancient, has an extremely small chance of retiring
  • Players that end the season in the FA pool have a significantly higher chance of retiring than the same type of player on a roster
  • If a player retires while under contract, the salary is wiped clean from your books!
  • If a player is ancient, but has a long term contract, he's a lot less interested in retiring. (be careful with your long term contracts!)

The same number of players retire every year. (45) That's the amount of room I reserve for the incoming rookie class. This should keep the overall player pool fairly stable. Each year, I anticipate there are going to be a handful of retirements from the previous year's rookies who never got picked up. My guess is that around 10-15 of the retirements will be rookies who never played a snap. A few of the retirements will be those 3 year guys who finished out the rookie contracts but have shown that they are not going to improve. The rest should be coming off the old-guy part of the pool.

Now on to the playoffs!
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