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Winter break activities...

*We get a great youth pull in lvl 22 Defensive Midfielder Arroyo. From what I hear, Defensive Midfielders are essential to the late game. They can intercept passes coming within 2 tiles of them.

*We buy CD Grubbs for only $21,600. He has 51 defense and can replace our aging CD Huffman.

*I sell Huffman for $183,000. He was a valuable player for us, but at 32 it was time to go.

*I renew Pressley for 3 yrs, $18,557. A bargain if you ask me.

*I renew Reese for 3 yrs, $28,229. Only 19 yrs old, so a no brainer.

*Still is also 32, but there's no one to replace him with yet. SO I renew him for 1 year, $14,659. He'll either be sold then, or I'll renew him for 3 yrs so he can retire with us at 36.

*I sell Galloway for $88,000. He was useful for headers, but not much else. His Rainbow Feint skill was of limited use because of his low Control. He would often get stripped right after using it.

*Epperson is too valuable to let go yet, so I renew him for 3 yrs, $75,669.

*I renew Pennington for 3 yrs, $150,969. May seem like too much, but once he learns cannon shot, he'll be hard to stop. Also, there are no strikers on the horizon.

*I sell Seals for $113,000. I hate to get rid of a guy so young, but didn't envision him getting much playing time as I already have 2 young midfielders in Arias and Arroyo to go along with Epperson, plus some quality backups.

*This leaves me withh $215,547.
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