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Our Fans’ player of the Year was Devlin, then Roberts and Moore

Young player of season was Ashby, and signing was GK Stedman.

I tell our lads that I know next year won’t be easy, but if we bring in some new faces, we’ll have a great shot at avoidng relegation, and all of them are in a little, save for Kebbie, who is clearly very ambitious, and is glad more talent will be brought in.

I give them an extra week off for the season.

Poole is moving up!

Tom Killick was my immediate predecessor, and was the one who took Poole from 9th division to 6th in a few years, but then hit a wall, and I was brought in to replace him, and continue his vision for Poole Town. Tom was the Bobby Knight of Football Managers – incredibly passionate, would be banned sometimes for his on pitch yelling at refs or such, but was brilliant and loved by his players. I think that’s why I am a better follow up, as a gifted, tactical, intellectual presence instead. For Tom!

We are moving out of Tatnam Ground this year, and renting space in Avenue Stadium which is bigger, and meets the Premier Conference Expectations
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