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There are a few players I’m scouting right now:

GK Lewis Moore; AMC Hugo Logan; AM/ST Jonah Ayunga; MC James Blanchfield; DR Sam Ling; ST Ryan Seager; M/AM RLC Billy Clifford, DL Jack Williams, M/AM LR Oscar Borg

The best is likely Logan, then probably Ayunga. Most of them are either strong younger players hungry for their first real chance, or older players desperate for their last.

Let me remind you of the players I am actively looking to replace:

Roberts at ST:

Maybe Spetch

Certainly Stedman at GK

Corbridge didn’t improve much despite a year of starts, and I’d be fine moving him to #3 DC behind a better player if I could find one

Similarly, Elliot has been fine, but not irreplacably so.

Browne is very versatile, and I can bounce him to AMR or if I need to and grabbed that awesome AMC I told you about before.
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