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I hire Manny Williams, a former international footballer from Sierra Leone to be my new scout. He just retired and we are his first staff club.

Celtic and Rangers were both relegated, although Celtic barely at 18, just one point behind Brighton at 17.

I make enquiries for Logan and Clifford.

I won manager of the year.

I have an offer for Blanchfield for 65k and 50% of next sale, but Logan is more than 100k. Can I do installments? I drop my salary to make them both work.

A few days later they sign!

Here is Blanchford. I expect to be running him in the middle with Ashby, and then move Moore to Fullback or squad rotation.

Logan. We dropped my salary to just a few hundred more than Logan cost, and he wound up being 120k. I also had to give him a 30% wage rise. But he’s here. I expect to move Browne to AM R and fight with Elliot.

Now there are some players out there with 0 transfer costs who would be minor improvements for my club, but we cannot afford their salary, so I won’t be making those players.
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