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I sign a South African coach named Kingsley Burrows.

Are there any loanees out there that would be useful for me?

Nothing that jumps out at me. I send out some scouts for those loanees that would come my way.

After losing Celtic and the Rangers, the Scottish Premiership rose 11 spots from 28th to 17th best in Europe!

Browne was MOM in an international game against St. Pierre

The Poole always rises!

I have an offer for Jordan Elliot from Dundee over in Scotland – as a Scottish player, he really, wants to go. And that’s fair, it’d be hard to put together a package to keep him when we are this far down the football pyrmaid.

We expect to battle bravely against relegation

We agree to 25k from Elliot, a friendly with Dundee, and 50% of next sale.
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