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I'm gonna tell you that it's already making me nervous to think about having to play five more regular season games at the end of the year to determine if we even get into the playoffs. But I like how it makes teams have to fight to win their division, if you want a guaranteed spot. If you look at the current standings, the 5-8 teams are within 2.5 games of the 8th overall seed and so, a five game set of games is surely going to wreck havoc on someone's post-season plans at the end of the year. Which I like.

In OOTP, it might cause some problems with division titles, if a team is close to the division lead or whatever. But....if it were real life, the best-of-five would be a playoff and the four division champs would get a week off. But since we can't do it naturally in OOTP, we'll do it artificially and see how it works for Year 1.

BIGGEST SURPRISE: I don't know if it's really a "surprise" as much as more of the same from Nick Blackstone. He's 7-3 so far this year with a 2.01 ERA. He's on pace to match his 17-wins from a year ago, too.

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: Antonio Lopez. I don't really know why I let my eyes get bigger than my mouth when it came to paying close to $70 million over four years for a pitcher. I just am not too sure what was going on in my head. But whatever. He went 1-2 with a 9.97 ERA in April, but has settled down since then, winning 3 of his last four decisions and bringing his ERA down to 2.51. We'll see, but the jury is still out.
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