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As you can see, we've had the unfortunate luck of playing the current #3-6 teams. Additionally, we've beat the team just above us and below us. That adds up to the strongest SOS for a team that actually has a win.

This all leads me to believe that the league had set me up for failure. I'm almost 100% positive of this at this point. Had we not beat SCAC 1 or the Blue Hawks, had we lost instead of tied the Trojans, we'd be 1-6 at this point...and no one would really blame us. That looks like the same schedules handed out to the teams on the bottom: SCAC 4, Raiders, Seahawks, and Colts. Pretty retarded scheduling, in all honesty.

I'm really proud of the boys to have fought through such a tough schedule and to have this season turn out the way it has. We'd probably be 7-0 or 6-1 if we had the Titans schedule, but I can't really help that.
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