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Good morning, all.

My thoughts:
CPU guys Uoya and Festas go first and go all out. They don't have to fight.

Schmidty and DT go next as the first human team, and they go all out too, since they know they won't have to fight.

That leaves Danny, CR, me and Imada. Imada should go in the 3rd group and go all out. Him losing tonight's bout is no big deal. Sorry, Jorge. Whomever is in the last group should take it easy, I think. Being ready to fight > winning the challenge.

My guess is that the opposition will set up roughly the same way and have their 3 fighters sandbag it again.

1) does whomever line up with Imada want to try really hard guessing that the opposition will lay down, thus allowing us to pick someone from the last group to fight AND letting us see another opponent's stats; or, do all 3 of us who will potentially fight tonight want to take it easy as well and let the chips fall where they may?
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