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Whiskey Review #1

Tonight after dinner, I decided to have a glass of Black Maple Hill 23 Year Rye Whiskey. I have been on a bit of a rye kick lately. Ryes are best known as being the ingredient in a "proper" Manhattan cocktail (though many Manhattans are made with bourbon today). Ryes are generally a little spicier or hotter than bourbons.

I got this bottle of BMH a couple of years ago as a gift. I've only recently opened it.

Black Maple Hill's 23 Year Rye is a great whiskey. On the nose it is part oak, part pepper, part maple/brown sugar. BMH may be on the sweeter side of ryes. The taste is definitely spicy, but not overly so. I get some oak/woodiness from the barrels, and some peppery/spice/cinnamon flavor. It is not overpowering. I definitely also taste the brown sugar flavor.

The cool thing about BMH is the different tastes as the drink moves from the front of your mouth to the back. It opens sweeter and finishes spicier. The spices and pepper linger.

I really like Black Maple Hill's 23 Year Rye. It is not cheap though ($75-100 a bottle), so I'd say it is a bottle worth having in a collection, but not an every day drink. I need to preserve this bottle.

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