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It appears that I'm about to lose interest. Missed out on promotion last season by random bad luck and now am preparing for a qualifier not to relegate back to the level my team was stuck in for years (real time). I haven't bothered to arrange friendlies for the last week or 3. Still set my lineup at some point during the week, because, you know, a smartphone makes that slightly easier.
After a silly high number of draws, my team ended up forced to play a qualifier to stay in the Vth and we ended up getting completely destroyed, with a couple of backups forced into action. But the real news is that I missed that we had to play that qualifier today. It wouldn't have mattered, we spent all our MOTS opportunities in the last bunch of chocked games. All this so shortly after chocking championship with promotion to the IVth not so long ago...
This might be the end of it for me.
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