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First week of February, 2006

Another busy week for some of the best fighters in the world. I thought that it might be interesting to keep you abreast of not only the championship fights, but also the fights that involved the fighters who were awarded the Fighter of the Year honors, as well as, the trials of former champions.

There are no Punishment Inc fights this week but here is a rundown of other important fights.

1) Former LH Champ- Brendan Lawe 11-6-0(10) #5 v. Kelly Schofield 34-1-1(14) #6

Lawe in his last fight TKOed Tommy Loughran in the second, while Schofield TKOed Harold Johnson in the 5th. Odds are 1/1 for both fighters.

2) L Fighter of the Year - Pernell Whitaker 41-1-1(17) #4 v. Julio Cesear Chavez 102-3-2(82) #3

Whitaker Koed Yasushi Nitta in the 3rd, while Chavez won on a points decision over Jose Luis Ramirez in 10. Odds favor Whitaker 2/5, while Chavez is 2/1.
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