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Offseason activities...

*I renew Swan for 3 yrs, $400,390.

*As I know skills will be very important as we get higher and higher, I'm going to move to a LD-CD-DF-CD-RD lineup. It might make sense to sell Guy here, but I still want him stepping in front of shots. Instead, I sell Carrier for $3.99 million.

*I buy 26 yr old LD Goode, a lvl 58 player with 70 Def, 76 Ctr, and lvl 2 Long Pass. He cost $2.2 million.

*I renew Guy for 1 yr, $919,169. The 22 yr old Metzger will eventually take his spot if this new defensive alignment works.

*Hoffman is now 33 yrs old and has 8 months left on his contract. His value is only $351,000 if I sell him. I decide to keep him until he retires and renew his contract for 3 yrs, $878,353. I fully expect him to be a backup soon, but he'll be a good one.

*I was hoping to find a better Forward, and one may still come up as teams buy up some of the players on there. The good news is that Cannon will soon have lvl 2 Rainbow Feint.

*I'm left with $2.3 million in the bank. The entire goal here is to stay up. I've never been able to do that after first joining a league. The AI still lists us as a 2.5 star team. There are two 3 star teams. Everyone else is 3.5 or 4. This will be a challenge.
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