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Montreal Impact (9-5-1, 3rd) at Des Moines Menace (7-3-5, 6th)

While we are still a 2.5 star team, Montreal is a 4.5 star team. Not only that, but they have the perfect combination of talents to stop us - an absurdly good shot stopping keeper (231 defense in goal) and he also has lvl 3 Reaction, taking away Cannon's Rainbow Feint. We try for a heading strategy, since that's where he's weakest, and start Edmondson and Wilkerson. We get several chances at crosses, but two of them are stopped by the keeper and the others are poorly hit. Meanwhile, Montreal finds a gap in our defense and exploits it with a long range Cannon Shot for the victory.

Final: Montreal 1, Des Moines 0
Top Three: Burroughs, Metzger, Arroyo
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