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National Cup - Round of 32 - Leg 2

Des Moines Menace at FC Cincinnati

We come in with a 2-0 aggregate lead. So once again I put in backups at forward, this time giving Lindsey a chance. He comes through, utilizing their poor defensive formation to find room for long range Cannon shots. He hits two of them in this match (for his first two goals for us) and Edmondson grabs another header goal as we win this going away. FC Cincinnati pulls back a meaningless goal late.

Final: Des Moines 3 (5), Cincinnati 1 (1)
Goal: Lindsey 2, Edmondson
Top Three: Lindsey, Arroyo, Shepard

Hatton - lvl 30
Dewitt - lvl 26
Edmondson - lvl 26
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