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Season Five (2012)

Season five begins with us needed a new DC. We offer the max our owner lets us offer to Mo Valenta, SF's former DC, and he accepts in the last week. I was afraid, because we couldn't offer much. I see this becoming a problem in the future, because we are not making much money.

Most of our team is in their final year of a contract, so we will probably renegotiate a bunch of people this off season.

Not that it matters much anymore, but we now have mentors. McG is a QB mentor, Gibson, our former FB turned TE is a TE mentor, MLB Houston is a ILB mentor, and WLB Barton is an OLB mentor.

And OUCH. I just looked at TE Matos, who blew out his achillies last year. He is basically worthless now, and will just be roster filler I'm guessing from here on out. Count TE as a position we just don't have anyone at anymore.

McG has turned out to be the 2nd best QB of his draft class, right behind Peter Briggs. McG is now 45/45, and I love his timing and distance pass bars. Has he been "worth" the #17 pick? No. Considering this was a draft poor class though, I don't see me doing any better with another QB. Briggs was taken 1-6 in that draft, so him at 53/53 is not really better.

Heh, another offer for C Patchet, down a round from last year's offer of a 3rd. I delete it yet again.

Wow, for the first time I've ever noticed, a player has re-entered the draft for a second time. Both Indy and Cincy have wasted 1st round picks on FS Larry Torres. His agent has a very high (86) as stubborn negotiator, which is high, but not insanely high. Lets see if he signs this year.

I renegotiate a few key guys, and decide to just leave all the sub 50 guys to resign during FA next season, as they all want too much right now. I'm pretty sure their asking price will be much lower next year, and they won't be in any kind of demand.
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