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-- Vince Taylor is picked to the league 1 team of the week.

September 17th, 2016

Woking(4-2-1, 3rd) @ Milwall(1-5-1, 15th)

Milwall are even money favorites today, we're 11:5 to get a win. Milwall made it up to the championship for the 10/11 season but otherwise has spent the last 10 years in Leauge 1, mostly as a mid-table team, finishing 14th/11th/18th/10th the last 4 seasons. 5 draws in their first 7 matches points towards a similar likely outcome this year. This will be our first meeting.

GK: Lynch
D: Nikolaou/Taylor/Marc/Alcock
MC: Upson/O'Sullivan
AM: Zatara/N'Guessan
FC: Harsanyi/Constantino

A few changes today, we go back to Taylor/Marc at DC and give Alcock his first action after his injury at DR. O'Sullivan starts over Paulo today just for a change of pace, and Zatara is in at AML, Harsanyi back to foward. Millwall plays a crazy defensive 4-1-4-1 formation with a DMC and 4 midfielders. Standard mindset today.

14': Best look of the amtch so far as Upson crosses in to N'Guessan after a throwin, he puts a header just over. There are 2 shots by each team so far, all off target.

16': Constantino has it in the area and is tackled... but the ref decides its a dive and Constantino gets a yellow.

22': N'Guessan goes down with an injury, he's ok to stay in but his fitness levels are hurt a bit.

27': Zatara receives a pass in the box but its tackled behind for a corner before he can make a move. First corner is headed behind for a second, the second one is taken to Vince Taylor who just misses high with a shot.

30': Upson plays a ball foward to Harsanyi who fires a rocket from 20 yards out, the keeper makes a save, the first on target shot by either team, and it was a pretty dangerous one.

37': A long buildup where we can't really find an opening to generate a good look. Zatara shoots and earns us a corner. Upson takes the corner to the far end of the 6 yard box, O'Sullivan gets his head to it and its actually considered a clear cut chance... and he heads it wide. The keeper was out of position and he as just literally 3-4 yards away, oof.

44': One of their men get a yellow, Vince Taylor is hurt on the tackle. He can stay in but he's got the legit injury icon and we'll see if its long term afterwards.

HALF: We're pretty solidly in control here but with no goal we have to be worried. Constantino has a poor 5.7 rating but we've seen that change quickly after poor halves with off target shots. We have a huge 59/41 possession edge and 10 shots, but only 1 is on target. They only have 2 shots, also both off target and both from long range, one was a poor free kick, I didn't see the other.

47': We're going to attack harder, our easy control of possession so far makes me want to put more pressure on them.

48': O'Sullivan is hurt, he can stay in just like Taylor but I'm going to pull him for Paulo soon.

58': Paulo is in.

61': We open a highlight with Harsanyi charging down the left side, dodging a tackle and earning us a corner. We can't do anything with the corner but maintain control after a clear. We pass it back to Lynch and slowly build up. Paulo ends up after a long buildup pplaying a great ball to N'Guessan charging in from the right, he has our 3rd clear cut chance of the day but puts what does seem like a very easy shot wide...

76': They have it in our end and we struggle to clear, Alcock tries a header out of the area but its not strong, they get to it and head it across the area from the right to the left, there's another weak header foward and a 3rd weak header that is just inches out of lynch's reach, 4 very weak slow headers in a row that sees the last one just loft in inches over Lynch's outstretched arms... 0-1

90': Paulo plays a ball up to Harsanyi, he turns and shoots from 20 yards out, its barely, really, just barely saved and turned over for a corner. Upson takes the corner and plays a cross to the far edge of the 6 yard box, Marc is there, as is a defender, Marc gets up higher though and gets his head to it, he directs it on target and beats the keeper!!! 1-1

94': The last play we see is a corner from Millwall, we tackle it nicely away and that's the match.

Millwall 1 : 1 Woking

This is a bit of a mixed bag. Its a road draw against a team that was favored over us pretty heavily, but we also dominated the first half and couldn't find a lead, so we ended up giving up a semi-freak goal and having to make a last minute comeback. We should have won here, but we have to be happy with the point.

Man of the Match: Marc (8.6)
Goals: Marc
Assist: Upson (7.7)
Notables: Nikolaou (7.3)

Lots of average play. constantino ended up with a 6.5 after a poor start. Marc was spectacular in defense, winning 5 tackles and 14 headers in 17 tries, 7 key headers and making 6 interceptoins.

-- Mickael Colin is back to full training and will be starting again soon. We're looking foward to that.
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