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this is a great initiative and great resource. thanks, corbes. nice to see game plans back at the forefront of FOF.

i have managed to produce successful passing offenses out of rex-generated playbooks, and manually selecting plays for an offensive game plan. i'm now in the process of doing exactly what you share here, which is to generate playbooks that contains plays that are at least a 'solid' fit to an offensive style. i expect this to increase the offensive efficiency unless i'm inadvertently messing up with something else.

my process for generating a game plan relies on:

1) manually adding plays to the different offensive situations based on what I think should work on those situations. or what i want to do if i want to have fun :-) make sure you have enough plays for that particular offensive situation, which may depend on your other choices. for instance, i typically have 22 plays for 1st-10-earned, since this is the typical number of first downs that my offense gets. if i expect to get a lot of 3rd-1 situations, i add a bunch of plays there.

2) i then call the offensive plays myself in SP, having all the 58-69 plays available to me for better flexibility. some of my ideas work, other not and I try to figure out why the game doesn't like that. usually it's related to personnel or number of targets for a receiver.

3) i then edit the appropriate offensive situation sections based on what i found in 2) .

4) probably the first decision that a gm must make is to decide if the roster will be built based on the game plan, or the other way around. i tend to build the roster based on my game plan, because i've only had a few that would work until FOF 8.2. it is also simpler, and easier to isolate players in the draft and FA that fit your offense (great if you don't have a lot of time available). otherwise, the choices are too many and there's a risk of not converging in this process.

5) to emphasize what corbes said, you need the right personnel for running the offenses above to its full extent and in an efficient manner. the help file contains a great deal of information on what each receiving/running/qb bar does. e.g., if you are passing heavy down the middle, you need receivers with high courage.

6) if i may add something, and i hope this is not off topic -- since the goal is to get a game plan that gives more wins, a gm must also match the offensive philosophy to the required defensive philosophy.

for instance, for a heavy-passing approach, it is a good idea to invest in pass defense as you build your roster. this is because if you manage to produce a successful passing offense, you will score a lot and the opposing team will inevitably come passing heavy at some point in the game.
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