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The Georgian Conquest of Adana
King Erekle is ready to make an impact and what better way than the recently released one province nation of Ramazan?

King Erekle has declared war.

February 1610
The siege of Adana has begun after their army of 3,000 was utterly massacred.

October 1610
Conversion Successful!
We have finally managed to convert the heretics of Kocaeli to the one and only true faith!

A missionary heads to Bolu.

Event: Struggle Without, Struggle Within
Sometimes, we see conflicts on the international stage mirrored within our own borders. Today, we received news that our war with the Sunnis has brought about a religious conflict in Kayseri, where the Sunni and Orthodox faiths exist side by side. People who used to be neighbors and friends are attacking each other over what they perceive as the differences between us and our adversaries

-4,000 Manpower, Kayseri is now Orthodox.

November 1610
Event: Salt Crisis
Rumors are sweeping the country that there has been a shortage in salt production. Although we have tried to quash these rumors, people are certain there will be a salt crisis soon.

Georgia gets 'Salt Crisis' for two years, giving a -10% Production Efficiency.

December 1610
After 281 days we won the siege of Adana.

End of the Georgian Conquest of Adana (February 1610 - December 1610)
King Erekle has demanded Ramazan's full annexation and the war has ended.

Work is immediately begun to turn Adana into a core.

A diplomat heads to Ottomans to fabricate a claim on Icel.

Post War Information
Our military force limit is now 84
Our naval force limit is now 55

Province Information
Base Tax: 4.0
Production: Cotton

January 1611
Conversion Successful!
We have finally converted the heretics of Gurganj to the one and only true faith!

A missionary heads to Ankara!
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