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Post War Information
Our military force limit is now 134.
Our naval force limit is 64.

Base Tax: 3.0
Production: Wool

Base Tax: 1.0
Production: Wool

Base Tax: 3.0
Production: Wool

Base Tax: 1.0
Production: Wool

Base Tax: 2.0
Production: Grain

Base Tax: 3.0
Production: Furs

Base Tax: 3.0
Production: Furs

May 1646
Current Mission: Claim Sibir

June 1646
A diplomat heads to Uzbek to fabricate a claim on Sibir.

A diplomat also heads to Ottomans to fabricate a claim on Hamid.

Event: Production Improvements
Our embracing of Smithian Economics has led to people spending time thinking about how things are produced. For the moment it seems to have paid off.

Georgia gets 'Production Improvements' for five years, giving the following effects:
Production Efficiency: +10.0%

October 1646
Star Forts are now under construction in Kocaeli, Bolu, Ankara, Kutahya, Konya, Karaman and Icel.

An Armory has been built in Guria.

February 1647
Mission Complete: Claim Sibir!
+5 prestige (100)
+25 military power

A diplomat has been sent to Golden Horde to fabricate a claim on Kanadey.

Current Mission: Reduce Overextension

A diplomat heads to Ottomans to fabricate a claim on Saruhan.

September 1647
The provinces of Ar Raqqa and Mush are now considered part of Georgian patrimony.

January 1648
Event: Excellent Year
Some of our grain farms are having an excellent year, allowing us to feed more troops and so increasing our manpower.

Gain 6,970 manpower.

February 1648
Rivalry Ended!
Golden Horde no longer considers Georgia as a rival.

A diplomat heads to Golden Horde to fabricate a claim on Tsaritsyn.

March 1648
Golden Horde is no longer a valid rival for Georgia.

We have named Oirat as our new rival.

April 1648
A diplomat heads to ottomans to fabricate a claim on Biga.

May 1648
Event: Family Secret?
The first time you brush it off, but when it happens a second and a third time, you do begin to wonder. Why are people laughing at you when they think you can't hear them? After you've asked around, for more than a bit, you finally manage to get an answer out of a chamber maid. It appears that Giorgi has been running about town in a most unchristian fashion, and that your family is now becoming the laughing stock of Europe.

King Erekle scolds Giorgi publicly.

-5 Prestige (90)

July 1648
Exploration Ideas Advance: Quest for the New World
Allows us to join the number of nations set to explore the world ourside of their borders or strive to be the first nation to circumnavigate the world by commencing a quest for the new world.

Bonus Effect:
Allows recruitment of explorers and conquistadors.

September 1648
Every province we took from Uzbek is now considered part of our patrimony.

Mission Complete: Reduce Overextension!!
Gain the skill 3 Diplotmat in Kartli.

Current Mission: Achieve Religious Unity

Missionaries head to Ostyaki and Iglino.

October 1648
A diplomat heads to Golden Horde to fabricate a claim on Veda-Suvar.

January 1649
A diplomat heads to Ottomans to fabricate a claim on Edirne.

March 1649
Military Technology Advance: Standardization of Calibre (16)
With artillery's growing importance on the battlefield, also the number of firearms kept increasing. But because each gun was made separately, it also required great effort to resupply. In 1544, Emperor Charles V declared that there would be only 5 calibres of gun, while King Henry II of France set 6 standard calibres.

Bonus Effect:
Combat width increased by 1.
Artillery Fire: +1.00
Artillery Shock: +0.10
Enables Chambered Demi Cannon
Can now build Arsenal.
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