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GK Rico – 3. He is locked in for now as he didn’t lose momentum as the season wore on and he showed up for big matches.

DC Holding – 2- My 2nd worst starter these days but he’s my captain. Can’t pull him too quickly.

DC Joao – 2 – Solid but have we grown past him?

DC Nielsen – 4. Locked in and a rock at DC

DMC Bell- 3. Locked in

MC Machacek – 4. Locked in and a rock at box to box. Runs it well.

MR Santana – 3. Love him and he’s my 2nd best player.

ML Lorzeno – 3. Locked in.

AMC Marchi – 3. Locked in as well.

ST Besnard – 4. My best player

ST Solanke 2 – My worst player but he broke the Ligue in the latter half of the year and finished very very very strongly.
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