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The first thing I do is shop my #1 pick. I don't need it. However, I won't bore you all or waste time typing out every trade I made.

Here's how it turned out:

QB Roy Harrison (whom I scouted) goes #1 overall.

Amateur Draft Report:

Rnd 1 - Bryan Clemons, T, Albany
Rnd 1 - Leland Hamill, OLB, Drake
Rnd 1 - Bo Granados, CB, St. Francis, Pa.
Rnd 1 - Kendall Anderson, S, Purdue
Rnd 2 - Zach Ciscone, WR, Arkansas
Rnd 2 - Kelly Dole, DE, Washington State
Rnd 3 - Perry Esquivel, RB, Mississippi
Rnd 3 - Vinny Malone, G, Syracuse
Rnd 4 - Peter Coleman, G, Arkansas
Rnd 4 - Fred Crabb, DE, Southern California
Rnd 4 - Jonathan Krueger, OLB, Lehigh
Rnd 4 - Lee Kinney, S, Washington
Rnd 5 - Carl Ellison, QB, Alabama
Rnd 5 - Wayne Gillespie, RB, Defiance
Rnd 6 - Trevor McElrath, RB, Minnesota
Rnd 6 - Jimmie Hoffman, DT, Southern Methodist
Rnd 6 - Alfred Kelley, CB, Wake Forest
Rnd 7 - Shane Bronson, ILB, Northeastern
Rnd 7 - Patrick Summers, CB, Fresno State

I manage to get a ton of players that I interviewed, I don't know if that is a good thing or not! A lot of them look pretty right now, but I'll display this roster once training camp is off and running.

Really happy with my 4 1st round picks. I am also glad I got both RBs that are good in the passing game, even though I got nervous and drafted Esquivel probably too early. I clearly was not sold on any QB and drafted Ellison as my starter for the dynasty very late in the draft. Hey, Tom Brady was a 6th rounder.

I'm taking this time to fill out my roster with undrafted guys, and I'll print up the full scale.
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