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League Background & Rules/Schedule

We're starting in 1940. I simmed the first season automatically, so that we can start fresh in 1941. (Also to make sure the thing worked.)


- Transfers on with no sitting out a year.
- Redshirts cannot refuse.
- Injuries are super low during the season and get shut off during the post-season (10-30%)
- No academic suspensions.
- No conference movement.
- Human coaches cannot be fired. Human coaches do get job offers.
- All four tournaments are on (NCAA 68/NIT 40/CBI/CIT)
- Freshman are draft eligible

We're going to play somewhat fast-sim, probably not FOOL/SLOP breakneck speed, but pretty damn close to 2 seasons in a real life month (at least), I'm trying to make sense of it now.

The other wrinkle is that the league is using a custom FBCB.ini file that I've been perfecting for the past few years of simming hundreds of seasons. It'll probably be more spiked than you're used to, but I like the results it generates and best of all, the recruits you'll see -- to me -- feel a lot more like elite college D1 athletes, than whatever the normal game puts together.

I've also got a custom name file that the league is using, same -- I've built it over the years on my own.

I'm hoping it makes things more fun for folks, but I've obviously never tested them on an online league.

Lastly, I'm generating draft classes and will import our guys into a NBA pro league that I'll sim-only, it won't be for playing, should be a fun way to keep up with our dudes when they graduate.

Schedule posting later today.

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