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I will schedule games manually if two programs decide they want to play each other, but'll all be handled in-game.

Murrayyyy's schedule idea works for me.

Day 1: Coach hiring & Transfers
Day 2: Scheduling (Sim to July)
Day 3: Stage I early recruiting (Sim July)
Day 4: Stage II early recruiting (Sim August)
Day 5: Stage III early recruit (Sim Sept)
Day 6: October recruiting/Training Camp/Final Redshirt (Sim to start of season)
Day 7: November Sim
Day 8: December Sim
Day 9: January Sim
Day 10: February Sim
Day 11: March through Conference tournaments (3 sims to get March recruiting done)
Day 12: Post-season tournaments through Sweet 16
Day 13: Post-season tournaments through Final Four
Day 14: Final Four/National Championship (April recruiting)

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