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Originally Posted by dunkem View Post
No injuries and no academic suspensions.

To me, injuries are a huge part of the challenge in the game so toning it down is kind of critical. You don't need any kind of real depth if injuries are infrequent and adjustments throughout the season are minimal.

Academic suspensions also take a huge part of the training aspect out of the picture. If you don't have any risk of being ineligible, academics mean nothing except in initial recruiting.

I guess these rules are good for fast sim leagues. May not really my cup of tea since I like to tweak my lineup to adapt to injuries, suspensions, and general effectiveness every few weeks like NCAA53 and the original FOFC.

Yeah...NCAA53 and other leagues already exist, so if I was going to make a league, I figured I would make it a league I'd want to play in. The injuries thing isn't necessarily hard and fast, since...we're simming every month anyway, so depth will still matter. It's just for the post-season timeframe, injuries would be shut off, kind of like we did in the SLOP days around here.

But if there are tons of people who are ZOMG INJURIES D00D then that's fine. I was originally thinking we'd sim faster, but I think the existing schedule as composed would let us get two seasons in a month give or take, which works for me. Fast enough to be fast-sim, but not so breakneck to render seasons useless.

But I know the league isn't gonna be everyone's cuppa.
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