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Originally Posted by Young Drachma View Post
I will schedule games manually if two programs decide they want to play each other, but'll all be handled in-game.

Here's a rough schedule.

Suggestion on the schedule just because I think human teams will take a blood bath in recruiting with the above set up. August and Sept need to be split as it's the biggest jump for players lists (after August) so missing the Sept sim would put you two months behind the CPU competing for players.I Know it adds a day but still have you ate 28 days for two seasons and the only missed recruiting is if you don't exports that day as opposed to not having a shot or having to turn it on CPU recruiting so you don't fall behind.

Day 1: Coach hiring & Transfers
Day 2: Scheduling (Sim to July)
Day 3: Stage I early recruiting (Sim July)
Day 4: Stage II early recruiting (Sim August)
Day 5: Stage III early recruit (Sim Sept)
Day 6: October recruiting/Training Camp/Final Redshirt (Sim to start of season)
Day 7: November Sim
Day 8: December Sim
Day 9: January Sim
Day 10: February Sim
Day 11: March through Conference tournaments (3 sims to get March recruiting done)
Day 12: Post-season tournaments through Sweet 16
Day 13: Post-season tournaments through Final Four
Day 14: Final Four/National Championship (April recruiting)
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