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Originally Posted by JonInMiddleGA View Post
Obviously (since I've spent the better part of a year watching them regularly), I disagree.

They're the only pro wrestling promotion with a TV deal that has entertained me in years (since WCW was murdered/committed suicide).

I wish ROH had a TV deal, but there's not much I can do about that but wish.

ROH needs to attempt to land some sort of a PPV deal. If they can get a backing of TNA to help promote it, using 'Cide, Joe, Styles and Daniels as guys that ROH has produced (An overstate on their part) to fuel people to buy it, they could go quite a long ways. It'd open up ROH and would allow for them to be legit.

They'll never get a TV deal because they'll never be able to sign enough guys to written deals to get it done and they're more nich then ECW, but I could see 3 PPV's a year increasing their revenue greatly.
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