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One and Done Challenge

Hello FOFC.

Welcome to the One and Done Challenge, created by QuikSand. This should be a fun competition between a few FOFCíers to see who can do the most with one year of draft picks.

So, to begin, I need to trade all of my future picks for picks in this yearís draft. I think my strategy is do to my interviews first, figure out how deep/strong this draft class is, and decide whether I want a ton of 2nd/3rd/4th round picks, or a few really high picks.

Before I begin the interviews, I need to decide what kind of systems Iíll be running on offense and defense. On offense, I usually prefer to build a strong running and short passing team. On defense, I prefer the 3-4, run defense, and man-to-man coverage.

Iím probably going to go through this career pretty slowly to begin. With this being my only chance to build the team, I have to do it right.
Letís take a look at individual positions. The numbers in parenthesis are how many players I interviewed at each position.
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