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The Draft

And so the fun part begins. The first two players taken off the board were QBís, which makes me nervous. Iím really hoping Mayhem falls enough so I can trade up to get him. Iím currently at 1(3) but I also have a 1(21) and a 1(24). I also own 2(2),2(3), 2(28), and 2(31), so I have some serious value to move if I want to.

Iím gonna take a big risk here. Iím gonna move back a few more spots and hope that my QB is still on the board. I think Iím gonna try and move down to 1(8).

I get the Giants to give me their 1st through 5th round picks, and I move down to 1(8) in the 1st round. Letís hope Mayhem is still there.
The next two players to go are QBís. Thatís 4 straight to start off the draft!

At 1(7), QB Taylor is still on the board and Mayhem is next, so Iím fairly sure heís going to last until me unless the team before me takes him.

Well, Taylor and Mayhem are still there. But so are all 3 of my WRís that I like as well as all of the safeties. I decide to trade down one spot to Washington at 1(9) just to pick up some value. They take the top rated safety Kendall Anderson, but that still leaves me with the other two guys at that position that I liked. Now, Iím having some crazy thoughts. Even though WR Harris Powell was listed as very overrated, he looks almost too good to pass up. He had amazing combines (4.27 Dash!!!) and has ridiculous bars. Iím going to take him, and then once QB Taylor is taken, Iíll trade up and take Mayhem. Also, if the 2 RBís before Torres go, Iím trading up to get him. So I have a few possibilities.
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