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Well, at 1(12) QB Taylor was taken. So, I知 going to use some of my picks to move up to 1(13) and take Mayhem. I send my 2(3), 2(28), 3(1), 5(17), and 7(28) to move up. My plan for running back is still in effect.

I make it to 1(21) and no running backs have been taken, I still have 3 safeties that I like, and still have the 1(24) and three 2nd round picks coming up. I decide to trade down again, this time to the bottom of the 1st round at 1(29).

Shockingly, I arrive at 1(24) and still, no one has been taken that痴 making me jump to get a 2nd or 3rd ranked player at a particular position. So, I trade down again, and until I pick someone, I won稚 report on another trade down.

I make it to 1(27) and finally pick my top-rated WR, Jerry Reeves. So now, my passing offense is complete, and I知 still planning on getting the running back that I want.

At 1(29), there is a RB rated ahead of Torres but I知 not going to take a risk. I take Torres and add a dynamic running back to the team. Now that I知 out of the 1st round, I値l stop reporting and just give you the players I pick.
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