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Originally Posted by Chief Rum View Post
Yeah, what HBlue said. DT, your spoiler quote of my first post still shows my old unedited spoiler. Although if someone is going to go into quotes of spoilers to see the previous spoiled content, they REALLY don't care about knowing too much.

Cheif, no you need to edit DT's post you quoted. It still contains the offending language!

This is getting quite complicated. I feel like Ned Stark in Kings Landing!
Steve Yzerman: 1,755 points in 1,514 regular season games. 185 points in 196 postseason games. A First-Team All-Star, Conn Smythe Trophy winner, Selke Trophy winner, Masterton Trophy winner, member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, Olympic gold medallist, and a three-time Stanley Cup Champion. Longest serving captain of one team in the history of the NHL (19 seasons).
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