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Jan 3, 1544 – Treasury in Lothringen, Trade Depot in Antwerp, Caravel in Nice

Jan 17 – Westfallen is ceded to me by Hesse and I give it to Koln, and lose my infamy. I am back to normal after taking Dauphine. Nice!

Jan 23 – Anhalt converts to Protestant

Jan 28 – Prussia formed as Reform. I enter into a RM with them.

Speaking of Reform, I haven’t heard much from Reform, so let me take a look at the Reform movement in Europe thus far. Other than Poland and some changes in the east, it has been very quiet.

Feb 7 – The fort is built, and now they want me to colonize Sao Tome. I have no desire for that random low value province to be mine. I want to spent 5 prestige to get rid of it but I can’t until April.

May 17 – I cancel the mission and the next is to turn Antigua into a city.

June 1 – Land Tech increases, RM: Avignon

July 16 – I defeat rebels in Antwerp after that captured Ghent and moved across the border,

I was looking for a military opportunity because my infamy is dead, but I can’t find it. My few CBs aren’t helping me, and I don’t have any good options outside of the HRE right now.

July 19 – Aristocracy gains one when Nobles demand rights and I give it to them.

Oct 9 – I spend 12 prestige to put Flanders in my Sphere of Influence

Dec 1 – I send a Warning to France

Jan 5, 1545 – Canal in Antwerp, Treasury in Bourgogne

Mar 1 – Gvnt Tech increases

Mar 30 – We defeat a revolt in Dauphine

Aug 5 – St Bartholomew has been discovered to be a good place to grow tobacco

I create a level 6 statesman to replace the one I have.

Aug 10 – Coffee in Antigua

Aug 16 – Due to my mission there, I send colonists to Antigua
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