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FOF2K4: Dallas Cowboys - A Legacy Renewed (Again)!


The Beginning

With years of frustration having fermented deep in his soul, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones finally decided to sell the team. The once proud franchise had toiled in mediocrity for nine years, ever since their last Super Bowl appearance. It was 1995 and Barry Switzer, the former guru of the Oklahoma Sooners, had taken over a team that was built for winning the big game. Almost the exact same team had won Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII in impressive fashion. The team Switzer inherited would eventually win Super Bowl XXX, beating their AFC rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17. But that win came with a price. Switzer started a long line of sad and pathetic head coaches hired by Jerry Jones. The team went 10-6 in 1996 under Switzer and then fell to 6-10. Switzer was shown the door but the door just kept swinging....Gailey...Campo...Parcells. None of these coaches, including the great Parcells, could break the cycle of losing that had been placed on this team. And the personnel that these coaches were given was even more wretched. So, after years of hearing the cries from the fans that he knew nothing about running a football team (unless you count running them into the ground), a new era is about to begin. This is the story of Justin Shipman, the man that would restore the legacy to a once proud franchise.

God created the earth in 6 days.....

And On The Seventh Day God Said, "Let There Be Football" And It Was Good.

Later That Day God Said, "Let There Be One Team To Rule The Others, To Set The Standard For Excellence."

And With That He Plucked A Star From The Heavens And Placed It On A Helmet Of Silver And Blue.

God Said, Let Them Be Called....The Dallas Cowboys!!

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