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Somewhere buried on this board is a thread that uncovered what is still 100% true... in FOF, successful run blocks are essentially a play stat, not a player stat.

It works this way:

-on every called run play, a "key blocker" is selected (that's the key run block opportunity) ... and we presume that blocker has some heightened role in the play's outcome but we can't prove/refute that
.....(the selection of the lead blocker may or may not match up to who you think it would be)

-after the run play is resolved, the game determines by a "win/fail" system at least similar to something developed by Football Outsiders whether the play was successful (based on down a distance the play must accomplish a certain % of the yards-to-go)

-if the play was successful, the player pre-selected for the key run block opportunity will be awarded a "key run block"

So, if you buy the above, then KRB% is really just "what share of run plays behind this guy were successful?" And that's a lot different from "how often did this guy do a great job?" If a star RB makes a lot of guys miss, his lead blockers are going to ex post facto be credited with lots of KRBs because the RB was good... and the contra as well.

So... the winner and STILL champion... big red bars.

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