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Still no retirements, this almost disappoints me. OC is up for a contract, and this will be tricky. Good luck for us though, this guy who has real nice ratings takes a pay cut to stay with the crappiest team in the league.

We have 30 players under contract. Time to hit the signing block.

We tied with GB for worst record, but won the tie breaker, so we have the #1 pick. GB gets that and all our other picks, for a pretty powerful draft.

Reeves creeped up again, to 69/69, gaining Avoid Drops bars and Endurance, plus prolly some more of others. LT Clemons drops further, to 69/69.

Everyone resigns without trouble, and we extend a few more guys. We head to training camp with grey skies overhead, nobody thinks we are any good.

Well crap. Reeves dropped to 63/63 after camp. I guess we are totally screwed now. At least Clemons didn't fall anymore.
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