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Keeping with the West Coast Offense this year.

Shut out twice in the PRESEASON! This is going to be rough...

We finally get our first win in week 5, 27-24 over the G-Men. This is a milestone win, our 30th of the challenge. The offense really clicked with McG coming back from a week off with an injury to have a real good game, and McM ran well also. The D held them off at the end and we get the win.

Week 10 our punter goes down for 4 weeks with a bad knee during a loss. We use the "Kicker" rule and go sign a scrub. We cut CB Buchannon and sign scrub P Shannon Boyer. I'll cut him as soon as I'm done with him. I actually start my K at P though, because I think he'll do okay there.

In week 12, we go up against 8-2 Pittsburgh as 10 point dogs and come out with a 19-0 shutout! Win #31 sure was tasty. Bass kicked 4 FGs, and McG hooked up with Reeves for the lone TD. The running game as a whole was good as well. The D forced and recovered 3 fumbles, and picked off 3 passes, plus threw in 2.5 sacks for good measure. Seems like a pretty good effort all around. I was truely afraid we were only going to win 1 this year.

In the final week of what is probably our final season, we face off against the Giants, and come away with a 27-14 win for #32. That was a season sweep of a decent division opponent, so this is a win I actually feel good about. Plus, it gets us to 3-13, a tremendous accomplishment for this group of scrubs. QB Ellard filled in for McG again because of injury, and got the PoG award for a real fine day. Reeves was the real star again though, going for 131 yards and a TD. The D was solid.

Reeves finished with 131 catches for 1747 yards and 10 TDs, one of his top seasons in a career with many. McG actually had his second best career rating with an 86.0, but missed 2 games and most of 2 others due to injury. McM was nothing if consistant, getting over 800 yards again with a tad over 4.0 YPC. SS Kinney had 4 picks and 130 tackles, so I think he may show up in the awards. DE Brody was decent, with a team high 8.5 sacks, but nowhere near his past years. All in all, even at 3-13 this team suprised me. I only expected 1 win this year, and they tripled that. I really really don't think we'll continue next season, but I've been saying that for 3 now, so who knows.

WR Reeves is again 1st team WR, and truely deserved it. He caught over 63% of the over 200 passes thrown at him. Sadly, our SS does not get on the awards roster even with his insane stats season.
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